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"I was able to find a job with little to no experience and right out of college. SchoolSpring is a huge help and now I have my own classroom."
Natalie W. in San Diego, CA

"Thank your! Your service helped me keep up-to-date on job openings."
Alice P. in Sonora, CA

"Thanks SchoolSpring!"
Emily S. in San Jose, CA

"I was very satisfied with the job postings and the information that the website provided. Thank you."
David G. in California

"Through SchoolSpring I was able to find a job I love."
Deanna D. in San Jose, CA

"Thanks for your help!"
Timothy H. in Mountain View, CA

"SchoolSpring has been a great resource, and has shown me to a prolific number of leads, allowing me to respond quickly as openings occur. While I did find this job on my own, I am still very happy with this site, and would highly recommend it for job search purposes."
Chloe B. in Oakland, CA

"Thank you SO MUCH for this wonderful service! I have been hired as a special educator, and can't wait to move from California to Vermont. And buy a snow shovel!"
Lynne H. in Ridgecrest, CA

"I greatly valued my early morning e-mail message with the list of jobs that had been found over night. Your data collection techniques appear to be very thorough. Thanks for the help. I will very happily recommend SchoolSpring to my teacher friends and colleagues."
Jamieson C. in Culver City, CA

"I was notified about this job through e-mail alert and applied the very first day after it was posted. Had it not been for SchoolSpring I would have never known about this job! Thank you!"
Heather M. in Whittier, CA

"Living in California and wanting to move to New England proved a challenge, until I found SchoolSpring. I applied for jobs through the service, conducted interviews and ended up with TWO offers. Can't beat the service. They helped me anytime I called, were prompt and professional. Go SchoolSpring!!! Thanks!"
David J. in Three Rivers, CA

"I applied to probably 30 jobs, but the one I got was listed no place else but SchoolSpring! So, I am a very satisfied customer!"
Kimberly C. in Glendale, CA

"SchoolSpring made finding a job so much easier! The daily postings really helped and provided some opportunities at locations I would not have originally thought of."
Dawn F. in Stevenson Ranch, CA

"With the current economic difficulties that California was facing I had begun to think that finding a teaching job would be near impossible. SchoolSpring helped me not only find a job but find one in my target area which met my requirements. I am very happy and looking forward to being a teacher. Thank You!!!!!"
Zulema T. in Los Angeles, CA

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