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"The interview schedule tool was really helpful. Thanks to SchoolSpring for connecting me to a great school district!"
Lauren B. in Wallingford , CT

"This website always makes it so easy to apply for jobs!"
Kylie T. in East Granby, CT

"SchoolSpring was very helpful and influential in the job process. Thank you!"
Wesley S. in East Hampton, CT

"Got a job alert and applied for the position of Student Services Secretary on June 9,2014. Happy to say that I got an interview on 6/16 and accepted the position on 6/17. Can't wait to start on this new journey! Thank you for your service, it was a huge help!"
Susan R. in Plainfield, CT

"I love receiving SchoolSpring job alerts emails. They were very helpful."
Petrina L. in Tariffville, CT

"This website has helped me so much. I had a rough time at first but after a few months I received a job as a full-time tutor. Shortly after I was offered and accepted a full-time teaching position. I will continue to keep my account and would definitely use this service in the future if needed."
Richard B. in East Granby, CT

"Thank you very much SchoolSpring. I found job within the first to weeks of looking - my first interview."
Giselle R. in Somers, CT

"Thank you SchoolSpring for all of your help! You made the process much easier for me."
Alexandra M. in Stamford, CT

"Thank you for your wonderful web site. It really was very helpful with my search."
Jacquelyn J. in Enfield, CT

"Really like the way you had openings posted and sent to me quickly, even before my local agency did."
Mary Jane Z. in Connecticut

"After sending out over 50 applications on SchoolSpring, I finally found a job using your website. Woo Hoo!!! Love my new district and my new school. Thank you!!!!!"
Jennifer T. in Enfield, CT

"Thank you very much for helping me land a job. I did not have to worry about purchasing newspapers and scanning the net. Although I initially learned about this job by going to a job fair, you also posted this and others where I was at least called in for interviews. THANK YOU."
Giselle R. in Somers, CT

"Applied through SchoolSpring's easy process, was contacted for an interview, and offered the job within three days. SchoolSpring was a great resource for me as I searched for a new job and I am so pleased to have found one."
Michael S. in Granby, CT

"I applied for 24 positions through SchoolSpring and unfortunately I was only called by the school I am currently working at. SchoolSpring did a fabulous job of posting new jobs every day and making the application process very easy. I will definitely be coming back to SchoolSpring when looking for a full-time classroom teaching job in the Spring."
Marissa R. in Cromwell, CT

"Great system...very helpful and I would recommend to others!"
Christopher K. in Fairfield, CT

"Thank you!!!! It worked!!!!"
Catherine H. in Enfield, CT

"I applied for a position on SchoolSpring and was offered the job! "
Linda L. in East Windsor, CT

"Thank you very much for the job updates. Although I was able to land this new job as a result of going to a job fair, the emails you sent alerted me to the many opportunities in my field, thus making this process much easier for me."
Giselle R. in Somers, CT

"SchoolSpring played an important role in my success i finding an excellent teaching position. Thank you SchoolSpring for all your help."
Shelby H. in Madison, CT

"I want to thank you for helping me find this job! I received an email update about it, applied, and got hired!!!!"
Radmila P. in Rocky Hill, CT

"Excellent site. If there was a teaching opening in CT it would be listed promptly on []."
Gregg G. in Stamford, CT

"Couldn't have found this wonderful job without SchoolSpring's help!"
Kimberly L. in Enfield, CT

"Thank you!"
Chelcey W. in Hamden, CT

"Your help was invaluable in setting up my resume and sending prospects. Thank you."
B.G. in Enfield, CT

"Thank you for your assistance. This website was great and it was easy to apply for positions once the porfile was completed. I have passed the website info on to a couple of people who are still looking for jobs."
Jacquelyn J. in Enfield, CT

"I went in for an interview on Thursday and started work on Friday. It's a great place to work with wonderful kids, great staff and supportive administration. Thanks, SchoolSpring for making this process pain free."
Scott R. in Pawcatuck, CT

"In this economy, job searching has been a long and hard road. I applied for every job that SchoolSpring sent me that met my search criteria. I had many interviews and finally my persistence has paid off -- I found a great job. Finding employment opportunities at schools in a timely manner would have been much more difficult without SchoolSpring. Thank you."
Theresa D. in New Canaan, CT

"I found my new job on SchoolSpring and I absolutely love it!"
Erica S. in West Hartford, CT

"I was hired last September as a long-term substitute, after applying on SchoolSpring. When the permanent position opened up, it was posted internally. I applied for it and was hired at the end of the summer. Thank you, SchoolSpring, for providing this service!"
Robin H. in Suffield, CT

"SchoolSpring has been good with valuable links and leads"
Cathy D. in Old Greenwich, CT

"This website was wonderful with job searching and email updates."
Jean R. in Waterford, CT

"SchoolSpring makes it easy for employees and employers to apply and hire. The benefit is that once you are set up that often times applying is just a click away, but the fact that it's so easy means more people are more apt to apply, so you are competing against more people. I'm just grateful someone liked what I had to offer on paper and decided to seek me out. It's hard to read those emails when your application is declined, but the old fashion way led you to just never know. Many districts just simply blew you off if they were not interested. It may be more competitive, but SchoolSpring made my job search easier."
Elynne E. in Quinebaug, CT

"I have successfully found a new job!"
Courtney W. in New Haven, CT

"Hi, I was able to obtain a job. With your help I was able to write a resume that helped me get noticed and get the job. Thank you so much."
Scott D. in Hartford, CT

"This site was extremely helpful in finding the jobs that appealed to me and allowing me to apply for them quickly and easily. I'm thrilled with my new position. "
Brian C. in Vernon, CT

"SchoolSpring was very helpful in my search for a school social work position. I found the site easy to navigate and was able to obtain a position 2 years in a row. Thanks!"
Krissa E. in Middletown, CT

"It was August and I had lost all hope. I found my dream position on SchoolSpring, clicked "apply for job" and less than 2 weeks later I was signing my contract. Not to be cheesy, but SchoolSpring made my dreams come true. Thank You!"
Kathleen P. in Southbury, CT

"I was hired at Washington Middle School in Meriden, CT. I will be teaching 8th grade language arts. I am so thankful and excited for this experience!!"
Amy P. in Newington, CT

"I was very pleased with the prompt posting and notices I received by e-mail from SchoolSpring. Thank you."
MaryJane Z. in Middlebury, CT

"Your web site is great it is so easy to send in resumes and the follow up is wonderful. Keep up the good work."
Sandy O. in Ansonia, CT

"After searching and searching for nearly two years... I was hired and can't wait to start my teaching on 11-24-08. I will be a partner teacher with my friend which makes it even better! I would like to thank SchoolSpring for continually posting openings in my certification."
Robin B. in North Haven, CT

" played an important role in me being hired by Hartford Public Schools. Had it not been for SchoolSpring's frequent job alerts, I wouldn't have known that Hartford School District was searching for a School Psychologist. This resource is highly recommended."
Darrick B. in Springfield, MA

"It was so easy to apply to SchoolSpring jobs once all of my info was downloaded. This is a great tool for schools and teachers to use!"
Ashley J. in Northford, CT

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