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"I would not have found out for the open position if not for SchoolSpring. The site made my job search easy and pleasurable. In addition, simply having all of my experience, references, and other related information constantly available online through SchoolSpring made applying on schools' websites much easier, even on the go. "
Krystina M. in North Charleston, SC

"SchoolSpring helped me find a job!"
Kaitlin T. in Mount Pleasant, SC

"You're the best job search engine we found. Thanks for the help."
John R. in Columbia, SC

"SchoolSpring helped me tremendously in the job seeking process. I especially appreciated the updates when employers had reviewed my resumes and also gave me contact information for the leadership at the individual schools. I hope I never have to use SchoolSpring's services ever again, but if I'm ever in need, or have a colleague in need, they'll be the first one I suggest. Thank you so much."
Tammy D. in Gaston, SC

"Through SchoolSpring, I found out about one of the few Social Studies jobs and contacted them ASAP. I was hired a week later."
Franklin R. in Walterboro, SC

"I used as my primary method to search for a teaching position because it has job listings from a variety of different websites. I noticed a job listing on this website on a Thursday and had landed the position less than a week later."
Tyrone B. in Ninety Six, SC

"Hired in my own backyard after months and months, since last summer, of searching. It is a relief to find a position in my area and my specialty. Good luck to all you job seekers, never give up!"
Robert C. in Walterboro, SC

"I found the position of Band Director 7-12 on your website. I think your website is extremely useful because of the number of school systems that are posting here."
Patrick B. in Rock Hill, SC

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